aptDigital Weekly (#6): What are your $1,000 per hour activities?


Jul 28

Hi, I’m Alex and this is the aptDigital weekly newsletter. Let’s use sales, marketing, and strategy to help your appliance repair business grow.

Pro Tip: Focus your time on high-value activities.

When I say $1,000 per hour activities I’m not using the term literally. I’m talking about spending your time on things that have high-value outcomes and specifically those that result in exponential growth.

An example would be writing policies and procedures for CSRs and dispatchers. When it comes time to hire for these positions, you can spend substantially less time training them. This will free up your time to focus on other high-value activities like working big-ticket repairs, developing a technician training program, the list goes on.

What $1,000 per hour activities do you spend your time on? Hit reply and let me know.

Last Week’s Roundtable:

I host a free weekly Zoom call for appliance repair technicians and appliance repair business owners. It’s a ‘no pressure’ place and time to talk with each other about whatever is on your mind.

Last week’s recording: https://youtu.be/1S-3AuyAZhg


  • How EJ gets one Google My Business review per day (00:25)
  • Two factors that help grow your company’s online presence with reviews (11:39)
  • The metrics that matter (12:29)
  • The importance of customer experience (14:18)
  • Spend your time on $1,000 per hour activities (49:44)

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